Camisole Sewing Tutorial

I’m sure anyone who is on Pinterest with regard to DIY fashion or sewing has come across this gorgeous camisole top. It’s not my idea. I would never have thought to take a semi circle, cut it half, sew it back together differently, and expect such a lovely top to happen. But someone did just that.

Silver camisole

Head to the blog – Pretty Quirky Pants – and look for – Trapeze cross-back top – to get her FREE sewing pattern and tutorial. She made hers in plain black. I’ve made this camisole as per her sewing tutorial.

Only slight problem I had with this top is my model is quite busty. Had a hellava job trying to get it to fit her. It looks good on me but then I’m not big chested.

You need: –

  • fabric
  • matching colour thread
  • sewing machine
  • Pins, scissors and the usual sewing euipment
  • the pattern from Pretty Quirky Pants blog

You do: –

Cut fabric

Cut fabric from pattern

Cut your top using her pattern.

Sew front and back together

Sew front and back together

Sew it together.

Hem front and back

Hem front and back

Neaten front and back openings.

Sew 2 x 50 cm straps

Sew 2 x 50 cm straps

Sew 2 x 50 centimetre pieces for straps.

Attach straps and hem around edges

Attach straps and hem around edges

Attach straps making sure they cross over at the back and hem around edges.

And that’s it. A new summer camisole just like that.

I’m sure you will agree my new blog is a zillion times better than it was. I was lucky to find a web designer who managed to convince me to give Greenie her own domain and switch to WordPress. Was super nervous, not going to lie, but have no doubt that getting someone who knows what they are doing is always a good idea.

The Greenie Galleries are now divided into categories so you can search for older DIYs and FREE sewing patterns with a bit more ease. And they are now available on mobile devices. If you like the Amazonite choker necklace seen here, I made that last week.

See you right here next week.