Rolled wire bracelets

Wire bracelet tutorial

I made something similar with brightly coloured electric cable ages ago – see here. And the finished bangles can be seen – here.

Unfortunately my earlier blog posts didn’t have many, if any, step by step photos. Lesson learned. I still prefer to use as few pics as I can get away with as photos slow down a web page immensely.

These bracelets can be made high end from pukka silver wire or fun bracelets from mixed metals such as copper, brass, steel or – as in this post – plastic coated electrical cable. The wire needs to be thick enough so the

You need wire and pliers

bracelet – or ring if you like – can hold it’s shape. Also avoid soft metals as they will bend out of shape easily. Conversely anything too thick will be a nightmare to bend and roll. I happened to have these two pieces of wire. No idea what they are.

You need: –
You do: –
Measure the circumference of a bracelet and add a couple of centimetres to play with when you join the two ends of your bracelet at the end.
Make a loop at the end and start rolling your wire round and

Make a loop and roll wire around

round back over itself. The hard part is keeping the rolls close to each other. You can see on my bracelet, my rolling went a bit too far apart every now and again. It gives an unintended texture to the bracelet. If you struggle to roll your wire, try using your pliers to get a better grip.

Stop just before you get to the end of your bracelet, cut the wire and press it flat with your pliers. Curl the two ends of the bracelet together. Slip the end through the loop and fold back. Press flat with pliers. Bracelet done. Tick!
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