Ribbon bracelet

How to make a ribbon bracelet

I first saw these bracelets on ASOS. They popped up in retailers shortly after. And then the DIY blogger – The Quiet Lion – Art Blog – by Allison Cooling – made her version. Check it out.

I thought I would give this DIY a shot. I happen

You need elastic thread, needle and ribbon

to have elastic thread and used a piece of ribbon from a gift.

You need: –
So as you can see from the last paragraph, you need elastic thread and ribbon. You need a fair length of ribbon or your bracelet will not have enough gathers. About a metre will be good. I wouldn’t go too wide with the ribbon. A centimetre wide maximum.

You also need a needle

Stitch along centre of ribbon

with a wide enough hole for your elastic thread. And lastly, I used “Stop Fray” on the ends of my ribbon – to stop it fraying. You could use a drop of cold glue.

You do: –
Cut the ends of your ribbon diagonally. No idea why but it helps to stop them unravelling. Apply “Stop Fray” or glue. Allow to dry.

Thread your needle with elastic thread and make stitches along the middle of your ribbon. When you get to the end, measure around your wrist to make sure you are happy with the size of the bracelet.

If you are happy, tie the elastic thread a good few

Tie ends of elastic

times. Don’t pull the elastic thread too tight as it will break.

Et voila! A new festival worthy bracelet. Make them in a selection of colours. Or patterns? Think tartan ribbon?

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See you next week.