How to make bracelets from strips of fabric

Fabric bracelets

I have made fabric bracelets before – see here – with a pretty piece of floral chiffon. The tribal influence is still strong and fabric bracelets are in keeping with the trend so I wanted to make more. This time with a bolder print or an Aztec type print.

Most fabric shops will cut as little as 10 centimetres of fabric and you need less than that to make these bracelets. The best part is finding fun fabrics. Here’s how to make them.

You need: –

  • strips of fabric
  • scissors
  • charms or beads to add are optional

To make: –

Add a bead or charm to your fabric bracelet

Ideally you want your strips of fabric to be just under 10 millimetres thick. With cotton fabric, you should be able to snip this width and then tear the fabric which will give a lovely distressed edge. Not all fabrics tear and even fabrics that usually tear – might rip apart with such a small piece.

What I am saying is try and tear a small piece, if it works – brilliant – if not – you will have to cut instead.

Old T-shirts work perfectly for these bracelets as cotton knit rolls up – but it is one fabric that definitely will not tear.

Now all you need do is tie your fabric bracelet around your wrist. If you have charms or beads with wide holes you can

Fabric bracelets wear beautifully. These are a month old.

add them to the fabric bracelet before you tie them to your wrist.

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