How to make a necklace from food packaging

Food carton necklace

I’ve been wanting to do this DIY for a while now. We keep throwing out food packaging and I’ve been wanting to come up with a way to re-use it. The nice thing about most plastic packaging is that it’s soft enough to cut with a Stanley knife or a pair of scissors but – it’s also firm enough to hold a shape.

The original plan was to cut triangles and squares and stitch them to a T-Shirt. But as I was cutting the packaging I changed my mind and decided to make a tribal inspired necklace. Here’s how I made this one

You need: –

  • plastic packaging – see photo to get an idea
  • lots of O-Rings – also called jump rings
  • 1 metre of waxed cord
  • a thin and a thicker wool needle to punch holes in packaging
  • pliers to bend the O-rings 
  • pencil
  • Plastic packaging to use for this necklace
  • ruler
  • paper

To make: –

First work out how much packaging you have so you can plan your design. Next draw your design onto a piece of paper and make sure the pieces fit nicely together. I used rectangles and squares – with their corners cut off. Using a pencil trace your design onto the packaging. The pencil rubs off easily with a damp cloth.

Linking the shapes with O-Rings

Cut your shapes and lay them out to make sure they fit together. Trim if necessary. Start with the thinner wool needle and carefully push a hole where your O-Ring will join the plastic pieces to each other. Then push the thicker wool needle through the same hole to make it wider.

Next join your shapes together with the O-Rings. I added two O-Rings to the top of the necklace. Then I slipped the waxed cord through them so the necklace ties at your neck. Finish the cord a knot at each end. And that was it. Simple as that.

If you had a big enough piece of plastic you could make a crescent shape or even a few cascading crescent shapes. It’s up to you but next time you are about to fling out some packaging,  consider that could be recycled into a necklace or a pair of earrings. I will show how to make matching earrings a future post

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Back next week.