How to make pearl jewelry

Thread your beads onto the clear stretchy thread

Once I decide I like something, and I figure out how to make it, I tend to make them and make them, and make more of them.

Tie dye scarves spring to mind. See how to make them here – how to make a tie dye scarf. Cloth tote bags are another easy item to make. The how-to part is here – how to make a tote bag – and completed bags are here – tote bag DIY.

I have probably also taken in the legs of every pair of boot cut trousers I ever had. These links take you to the instructions – how to restyle your jeans and – up cycle your jeans

When you have enough beads, tie the thread

These stretchy, slip-on elastic bracelets are so easy to make. Originally I was making them from crystals, then bright coloured beads. This latest lot are made from pearl beads and a mix of pearl beads and other materials or beads.

I could do a set of instructions but you can see from the pictures that they are super easy to make.

A mix of beads and hardware items.

The trick is finding this clear strong stretchy elastic thread. Its easy to come by in most bead shops. Make sure you tie the knot securely when you close the elastic and knot the thread a good few times. However, don’t pull the thread too hard. It might snap and then you have to re-thread the bracelet.

As you can see from the third picture, I used hardware and different coloured beads mixed together with pearl beads.

In this older post I used tiny little nuts. They look like little silver beads – how to use tiny nuts to make a silver bead bracelet.

The completed pearl bracelets

Happy beading and braceleting!

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