Cut outs in a T-Shirt

You need a T-shirt and a pair of scissors

The idea of slashing and shredding T-shirts is not new. Some of them look a complete mess, which is probably the point. Edgy style bunnies could work that look with a grunge style leather and distressed boots.

I prefer taking a softer, safer fashion point of view. So when I saw a T-shirt in Zara, with a skull shape made from tiny little nips on a plain black T-shirt, I knew that there was a possibility, that maybe, I could pull off this look.

My version of this idea involved an old, plain white T-shirt and a heart shape. I don’t have a fancy gadget that could nip the cloth so I made tiny snips with a pair of scissors. I grabbed a piece of fabric between my fingers and made a V shaped snip.

To do this, you first need to turn the T-shirt inside out. Next I drew a heart shape lightly on the T-shirt. Maybe Google silhouettes or shapes to try something different. Next I made little snips along the outline of the heart shape. After that I made random snips within the heart.

Here are my tips.
1. Make sure you don’t snip through the fabric to the back of the T-shirt. Unless you want to.
2. You need really sharp scissors or it will be difficult to cut your snips.

The finished T-shirt

3. Practise a few snips before you get stuck into your T-shirt so can make sure your cuts even and consistent. You can’t undo a snip.

I like that I can get away with wearing the T-shirt on it’s own. A T-shirt with huge big holes would mean wearing an extra top underneath. But if you wanted, you could wear a coloured camisole underneath your customised T-shirt so the colour peeks through the holes in the T-shirt.

My only regret with this project. I wish I had made a smaller heart design as it took over the entire T-shirt and wasn’t easily discernible as a heart shape. Next time I’ll get it right.

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