How to make fabric bracelets

Greenie in February issue of Glamour magazine

I mentioned a week or two ago that Greenie was featured in Glamour magazine. I’ve been in Scotland for weeks. We left before the magazine came out and I haven’t seen the actual article yet. Sigh!

Nuts with two different types of elastic thread

Fortunately my daughter sent a photo of the feature. I am so camera shy. I always feel completely stupid when people want me to pose for a photo. You can see from my face in most photos that I am not enjoying hanging around. I am wishing the moment would hurry up and be over.

The magazine team had a hard time with me. But they are thorough professionals and got me to relax. They did a great job. Clearly I dont fit the typical fashion blogger mould but I still really love fashion.

The jacket in the photo shoot is made from tapestry fabric and was featured in this post – tapestry fabric box jacket. The necklace is shown here – cascading necklace.

Greenie also got a mention in the Urban Sprout facebook page, which you can see here – Greenie in Urban Sprout.  Urban Sprout are a local newsletter geared toward green and eco friendly topics. Read more here – Urban Sprout. I subscribe to it and find it full of useful and interesting information. But then, as a greenie, I would find all that interesting.

Nut bracelet with crystal and pearl bracelets and floral fabric wrap

Today’s post nails two trends in one go. Floral prints and arms full of bracelets. I have shown before how I take beads and crystals, string them onto elastic thread and make bangles.

In this post I am using nuts. Not nuts and seeds nuts. But nuts and bolts nuts. Really small nuts actually. The reason is, most of the silver beads in the shops turn coppery or brassy after a while. Here’s hoping these nuts will keep their silver colour. And they look gorgeous. I might use bigger ones for a necklace soon.

Strip of floral fabric

All you do is thread the elasticated thread through the nuts. Keep adding nuts until you have enough for a bracelet. Knot your thread and then knot it a few times more to make sure the knot stays in. Cut the thread and that’s it.

Here is a link to the post where I made the crystal and pearl bracelets – how to make crystal and pearl bracelets. And another way to make them is here – how to make a beaded bracelet.

The fabric wrap bracelet is even easier. Most fabric shops will cut as little as 10 centimetres of fabric. This is a soft, light floral chiffon. I left the edges to fray. You could also use ribbon. All you do is wrap the fabric around your wrist and knot or tie a bow to secure it.

I wear friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets and pieces of fabric wraped around my wrist all together at once. Much like in the middle photo. A link to the how-to for a friendship bracelet is here – how to make a friendship bracelet.

At the top of this page are the Greenie Galleries with lots of older posts. Think jewelry from wire, or necklaces from food packaging or tops from old curtains. I would love to see other DIY projects. You can share yours on the Greenie Dresses for Less facebook page.

I will be back next week.