How to make a safety pin bracelet

Add beads to safety pins

I am ever alert for new ways to create apparel and accessories for this DIY fashion blog. Luckily my relatives and friends know that and they often feed me new ideas.

We have relatives staying with us from the UK at the moment. I managed to pin one of them down to show me how she makes these gorgeous ethnic inspired bracelets from safety pins.

I have seen similar bracelets at craft markets but I never realised they were so easy to make.

You need:-
safety pins – I used 60 x 20mm long ones
elastic thread


Take elasticised thread through base of safety pin

You do: –
The hardest part is putting beads onto the safety pins. You can use a single colour bead or mix colours and make a design as we did.

Start by putting the beads on your safety pins and lay them out so you can thread them in the correct order.

Next pull the elasticised thread through the base of the safety pins and knot the thread a few times to make sure it is secure.

Finished ethnic inspired bracelet

I put the bracelet onto a rolling pin to make it easier to work, and took the elasticised thread through the top of the safety pins. Make sure you pull it through the thread through the catch at the top of the safety pin.

Tie this second piece of elasticised thread securely. That’s it! Your bracelet is complete.

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