How to make a rope bangle

Rope bracelets

Today I thought I would show you some rope bracelets I made. The idea is not mine. I got the idea from the PS I made this website. Have mentioned them before. Synchronicity must exist as I found similar ideas to mine on their web page. Or maybe they are also trying to make their own fashion. But this idea is all theirs and I love it!

My experiment included making these easy rope bracelets in different texture rope. They suggest silk thread. I reckon even fine ribbon would work. I copied their idea and used washers and bolts for the charms. But other items such as beads for example could also be used. Here is a link to the instructions for the rope bracelets on their website – here

My commentary would be to keep the charm or washer light in weight. That stops the bracelet from hanging too much. The rope should preferably be waxed or have a textured surface as opposed to smooth. That helps the knot to stay put and prevents the bracelet opening after you have put it on. Last bit of advice would be to use a tiny drop of superglue to fix the knot rather than burn the rope. But make sure you only glue the knot so the bangle can still slide open and closed.

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More next week.