How to make a lariat necklace

Three different lariat necklaces

After styling my model with that Aventurine lariat necklace two posts back, I got into them all over again. I bought the one in the middle of the photo as it is. It is made of polished quartz crystal chips with two larger heavier quartz crystals at each end.

The lariat on the left is a piece of fine chain with a washer at each end. I pulled the end of the chain through the washer and looped it back onto the chain. I tied it back to the chain with an O-ring.

The lariat on the right is made from mint green waxed cotton cord. I tied heavy African silver beads at each end. I made sure the knot was big, as the bead holes were larger than normal.

The principal of the lariat  is that you wind it around your neck once or twice and twist it over itself or knot it at your throat. So when measuring out the length of the lariat, you need to make sure you have enough length. But that’s not to say you can’t wear them on your wrists. I think the crystal one might be a bit heavy but the waxed cotton one would work perfectly.

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