Bead and knot bracelet

Beads knotted into thread

Is it just me or does anyone else think the poses models hold in fashion magazines look a bit daft? These poor woman are usually draped awkwardly across some item, or bent backward, in a pose not even a seasoned yogis could hold. All the while looking … nonplussed. Oh and drop dead gorgeous to boot. No pressure on the rest of us mortals. And again, maybe it’s only me, but I’m not thinking – Oh wow she looks good. What a great job the stylists and photogs have done! Actually, I look at the pic and think more along the lines of – This whole scene looks odd … poor girl.

One of the things I’m liking about eco fashion websites and blogs is a refreshing amount of normalcy. Regular looking people appearing confortable, yet still wearing drop dead gorgeous outfits. No airbrushing to remove bits that
are meant to be, or adding bits that aren’t. Mascara adverts for example? Who really has eyelashes like that? Oh, and skin care adverts with close ups, but not a single visible pore. Know what I mean? If the advert is suspect, how can we trust the product? Maybe it’s just me but I think wrinkles add character and soften a person’s face. The rise of cougars must mean that men can see past wrinkles. The real world is clearly OK with real people.

So why are we being fed all this fake? I really don’t know, but I wish someone in the fashion industry would have the courage to put an end to it. For my part, I refuse to buy magazines that openly encourage consumerism and profile well known divas. If I see Miss “I demand a zillion sprayed and blemish free, pure white orchids, flown in fresh from Outer Mongolia in my dressing room” on a magazine cover? I will not buy the magazine. Easy as that! It’s like the reduce, re use and recycle ethos. One person won’t make a difference but if we all take a stand, it can change the world.

This post shows another oldie. It’s a knotted bead necklace. Except I wore it wrapped around my wrist. Not hard to make. Nothing I show here ever is. Read the post where I give instructions right here – knotted bead necklace

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