How to make coated wire bracelets

Scooby Doo bangles

The new softer ethnic styled jewellery that is so hot right now is another way to update an existing wardrobe on a budget. I have been trawling the net for patterns for macrame bangles.

In the picture are what we used to call Scooby Doo bangles when we were kids. They are made from electrical wire. I show how to make them in – this post. The concept is to roll or twist the electrical wire back on itself. That creates the appearance of a series of tiny beads that have been threaded. It’s a lot faster and simpler than threading a whole lot of beads.

See similar bangles made with wire – in this post.

I love that you have this range of colours with electrical wire. I mixed the Scooby Doo bangles up with some rope bracelets. They are similar to a Kabbalah bracelet. I wear rope bracelets every now and again to remind myself of an intention. Like to try and say positive things or relax more. And I pick a colour that resonates with my aim. Kind of spiritual in a way I guess.

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See you soon.