Make a Moonstone cuff

In this picture is a wrist cuff made from black denim with moonstone chips sewn onto it. I have said in previous posts that I adore semi precious stones. Moonstones are one of my favourites. At the bead merchant they sell strings of these chips. An older posts shows how I made earrings from the moonstone chips.

The idea for this came form wanting to use up the left over moonstone chips.

I cut two pieces of fabric to fit around my wrist, allowing for seams and for an overlap to close the cuff. The two pieces were stitched together except for a piece to allow me to turn the cuff inside out. The opening was hand stitched closed after that had been done. I pressed the cuff flat with an iron. Then I hand stitched the moonstone chips to the front of the cuff. Lastly I stitched Velcro to the sides so the cuff can close.

Just a tip. If the denim is too thick you will have a hard time hand stitching the Velcro and stones. The difficulty is in getting the needle to pass through the fabric.

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See you soon.