How to make fabric wrap belt

An OBI belt is so easy to create. You need to make sure it is long enough to fit around your waist but not too long that it overlaps. And you must make sure it wide enough to have some impact but not so wide that it bunches. Mine are 70 centimetres x 6 centimetres.

That measurement excludes a seam allowance which you must add on to the edge of belt measurement. Always cut a pattern to work from so you can avoid making mistakes.
If the fabric is soft you will also need to iron on some interfacing or cut an extra piece of firm fabric to sew in the middle.

Then you need two pieces of ribbon on either side as ties for the OBI belt. Each piece of ribbon on my belt is 1 metre long. Pin it all in place and stitch around the edges leaving a small piece open to turn your belt inside out. Hand stitch that piece closed when you have turned the belt inside out. Press with an iron and you are ready to wear your new belt.

I made one a reversible belt and on the other I added a sparkly trim.

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See you soon.